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DMBB hosted a fundraiser for Broward County Commissioner Kristen Jacobs, candidate for Florida House of Representatives, District 96 at the home of Cindy and Gary Dunay.  Bonnie Miskel has worked closely with Commissioner Jacobs over the years.  Commissioner Jacobs was very compliementary of Bonnie and the way she represents her clients and presents her projects when she  said "I always find something to like about Bonnie's projects even when I don't like the project".  Bonnie is often able to take these projects that the Commision doesn't necessarily like at first, and work to find solutio

DMBB has had a busy few months. We have spent a lot of time designing this new web site. I didn’t realize how much thought went into this effort. I like to think of myself as somewhat ahead of the curve on technical issues, at least for someone of my generation, but I have learned that these things require more than just a touch of a button or two. And, they require a lot of coordination. It is very difficult to get busy attorneys to sit still for anything, let alone a group portrait. If you ever tried to do a family portrait involving small children, try busy attorneys.